Are You a Project Manager? Here are 4 Working from Home Tips

Organization is essential to a project manager

Project managers use project management tools

A project management tool helps you to stay on top of things. Several project management apps include chat functions, while some have video chat features. Data security is also important, so choose a secure app. A modern project manager would opt for project management in an Agile approach, which is more flexible and adaptable. Using an agile project management software fits the requirements of a remote-working project manager.

Communication is key to a good project manager

Create a project manager workspace

See to it, as a project manager, that you are inspired and ready to work every day, even if you work remotely. Set an area or room in your house as your mini office. Or find a shared working space that has a room to meet with clients. Set some house rules if you have children in the house, so they will not distract or disturb you during work hours. Likewise, even if you’re in your home office, you need to dress for work. It will set the tone for the day, remind you that you are working, and keep you productive.



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