Can Tech Startups Do Without an In-House Technical Recruiter?

The Role of Technical Recruitment in the IT Industry

  • Time
  • Resources (human and material)
  • Budget
  • Competition (no one knows who they are yet)
  • Demands (they constantly need to readjust and redesign their strategies and approaches as they’re growing to keep up with the latest IT trends)

Where Does Outsourcing Fit In?

  • Pre-interviewing and callbacks
  • Extensive on-boarding
  • Skills/aptitude testing
  • Pay roll processing (for each new hire)
  • Dealing with downtime (alternatively; coming up with new things for the software developers to do once the main project is finished)

In-House Recruitment vs. Outsourcing

Outsourcing Software Development

II. Resource-Efficient

III. Room to Focus

Technical Recruitment vs. Outsourcing: Final Thoughts



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