How Bydrec Can Save You 50% on Software Developer New Hires

Nearshore Outsourcing: The Nearshoring Advantage

Nearshoring is a subtype of outsourcing that refers to the practice of hiring third-party agencies from another country. The difference between nearshore outsourcing and all other types of outsourcing is that the company you choose to partner with is based in a country close to your own in terms of distance, culture, language, and time zone.

Building Bridges with Bydrec: Efficient and Cost-Effective

If you understand the benefits of nearshore outsourcing, then you also need to understand that Bydrec, a nearshore software development outsourcing company, is your best, most cost-effective option. For businesses worried about balancing performance and budget, Bydrec can offer world-class software engineering and project management that will cost you half of what you’d normally spend on new hires.

#1. US-Level Skills at a Fraction of the Going Price

Bydrec has a long-standing partnership with the best nearshore developers — all of whom have considerable industry experience, technical expertise, and a full gamut of relevant skills and talent. What’s more, these developers are on par with US-based engineers, and are ultimately just as capable and competent — if not more so — as they are.

#2. Incredible Time Efficiency

#3. 24/7 Support — Even Post-Project

Many third-party outsourcing and technical recruitment agencies only offer support for the duration of the project. As far as they’re concerned, once their developers have delivered their part — as stipulated in the contract — the partnership is over, and no one owes anyone anything.

#4. Full Management for One Project

What we don’t want to do is simply rent out one or two software developers to your company and consider our end of the bargain fulfilled. That’s not the service we offer and that’s not the service you deserve.



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