How Outsourcing Software Developers Can be the Best Technical Recruitment Solution

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5 min readNov 27, 2018

As the economy moves toward globalization, companies are driven — now more than ever — gain a competitive edge through high-quality products and excellent customer service. These seem to be typical business objectives, easily achieved through technical recruitment solutions, but the corporate landscape has changed. Market oversaturation and a sharp rise in consumer’s standards have increased the pressure for brands and businesses to be “perfect.” They want to accomplish their goals without needlessly sacrificing resources.

Is this achievable?

The answer is yes, and the how of it is through outsourcing.

Outsourcing Technical Recruitment Solutions

Outsourcing software developers is a viable strategy that has proven, time and again, to deliver consistently favorable results. Aside from reducing internal costs, it also allows your team to focus on the company’s core competencies rather than filling in the gaps. It also has a number of other benefits that most companies can utilize when undertaking important projects. For instance:

I. Outsourcing Finds People for Projects Faster

Time is crucial when it comes to software development projects, regardless of size and scale. From the start of the process — conceptualization — to the very end — execution — staying on track and on time is essential. First and foremost, it ensures that you stay within budget; always important. Second, finishing milestones on or before the given deadline gives your team leeway to potentially address last-minute complications that may arise.

By outsourcing software developers rather than going through the whole song-and-dance routine of technical recruitment, you accomplish two things: (1) free up your team’s resources, allowing them to focus on their area of specialty rather than on recruitment, and (2) you immediately find capable, competent people who can fill in the gaps of your project. This instant gratification means your team can hit the ground running, moving much faster than you would if you chose to build a new in-house team (one applicant at a time).

II. Outsourcing Allows You to Adjust Your Level of Involvement

Outsourcing technical recruitment solutions means you won’t have to spend a few days onboarding your new hires, showing them the ropes and explaining the ins and outs of your company. All you’ll have to do — at most — is explain the project to them; the flow, the preferred development method, the objectives, the expected deliverables, the schedule, etc. This won’t take more than a couple hours, after which the project will be underway.

By outsourcing developers who have a considerable amount of industry experience and are used to working on different company projects (both short- and long-term), you won’t have to spend too much time assessing their skills and evaluating how well they’re going to fit into the company. After all, they won’t be a permanent addition to your organization.

This gives you a bit more freedom to reorganize your schedule and adjust your level of involvement. If you prefer receiving up-to-the-minute updates and being on top of everyone’s day-to-day activities, then you can do that. If you prefer to step back a little when it comes to the team’s progress — only being notified when major milestones are hit or problems arise — then you can afford to do that, too.

III. Outsourcing Leads to Reduced Costs

Let’s be real — the process of hiring a new employee takes away a lot of resources. It can take up your time and the time of other people on your team. It requires a lot of scheduling and rescheduling, coordination, organization, and manpower. Some events you have to go through (almost every day) when recruiting includes scheduling technical assessments, checking email replies, setting interviews, securing follow-up interviews, and so on.

When done right, the payoff is pretty sweet. However, the time, money, and effort it took to complete can still leave behind a lot of stress on your organization.

Outsourcing helps by reducing costs all across the board. In addition to streamlining the recruitment process or drastically shortening it, you also usually get better rates when working with a nearshore partner. You also won’t have to redirect too much of your human resources towards finding and integrating people, which means they can continue to focus on company growth and expansion.

IV. Outsourcing Eliminates Unnecessary Long-Term Commitments

You might have a short-term project that needs one or two new developers to complete it on time. Let’s say you recruit two new ones to join your in-house team. What happens once the project is over?

Or let’s say a product needs to be developed and a particular technology stack is needed. It just so happens that no one on your in-house team has the necessary experience. Will you hire an entirely new team just to finish the project, consequently adding five or six new people to your company payroll for one product?

Both situations are cases that end in unnecessary long-term commitments, in which case most employees involved usually end up with nothing to do for days or weeks on end. And yet they still get paid. The best way to address both situations is to outsource your particular needs to a software development company who are used to outsourcing their talent for projects with finite engagement.

V. Outsourcing Significantly Increases the Candidate Pool

Many people think that making a new hire in a competitive market is somewhat difficult.

It is — especially if your company is headquartered in an area with a high number of competitors who are always trying to snatch fresh, newly-available talent. Being in the software development and engineering industry also means you’re dealing with a severe unbalance between demand and supply.

When you outsource software developers, your company gets access to a candidate pool that would normally be hard to find and attract on your own. Doing so exponentially increases your candidate pool options.

From payroll software to management training, several functions and technical recruitment solutions can be outsourced by a company. By outsourcing software developers, you maximize your profits in a short span of time. Offshore development has indeed come a long way — growing into a huge industry that only promises to get bigger.

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