How Project Managers can Stay Relevant in Agile Organizations

Defining Agile Project Management

  • Clear communication between all team members
  • Realistic project goals
  • Streamlined development practices
  • Accurate evaluation
  • Agreed-upon system requirements
  • Risk management

1) Understand why your organization has adopted Agile

2) Rethink milestones and redefine measurable success

3) Implement Agile through Scrum

4) Adopt an Agile framework of thinking

  • Exceptional organizational skills and the ability to identify and remove roadblocks that could obstruct the team’s means of accomplishing their primary goals.
  • Thorough communication skills
  • Critical thinking, including the ability to improvise and tackle problems from new angles
  • Flexibility and the willingness to change goals as needed
  • Strong leadership skills even under pressure

5) Professional development training

Agile Project Management



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