What is UX and UI Design?

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These days, every business should have a functioning website or app to give their customers information and help generate revenue. Design is the most important part of any successful website or app, and your design communicates who you are to your customers. Good design will make people want to come back again and again while bad design can leave visitors feeling frustrated or confused. This article will go over everything you need to know about UX and UI Design and when you will need one or the other for your project, or both.

What Is UX and UI Design?

UX Design

UX stands for User Experience. UX Designers are responsible for how a user feels when they interact with your product, and they make the customer feel at home and confident in whatever they’re using. They are responsible for the usability of the site, its information architecture, and the general flow of the product. UX design is concerned with the big picture and creating a beautiful and easy to use website, app, or product. UX Designers should have an understanding of psychology, graphic design, web design, coding skills, and user research skills.

UI Design

UI stands for User Interface. UI Designers create the visual aspect of it and are responsible for how it looks. UI Designers create beautiful graphics to entice people to use your product. They work with images, typography, color schemes, and layouts to produce a design that captivates people’s attention. UI Designers create that initial impression that makes a customer know that this is something they want to explore further. UI Design is focused on the small details — how it looks, what they see — but also how it feels to use the product. UI Designers should be versed in graphic design principles as well as layout techniques like grids and iconography.

When do you need a UX Designer?

Choosing between UX and UI design can be a tough choice. When do you need one? When do you need the other?

UX designers take a holistic approach to building websites and apps, considering everything from the aesthetic to the functionality. They’re also good at taking a project from start to finish.

UX design is typically best for projects that involve creating an entirely new product or service or when you want something that’s completely fresh and innovative.

UX designers are experts in testing out products to make sure they’re easy to use (they’ll test them on real people). This means they’ll work closely with testers throughout the entire process of making your product. This often includes talking with researchers, running tests, writing reports, and giving presentations about their findings.

When do you need a UI Designer?

A UI designer focuses on the aesthetics of a website or application, as well as how it functions. This is typically done with a combination of UX and design expertise. If you’re struggling with the user experience of your interface, then a UI designer may be the right fit for you.

UI designers often work on:

  • Brand identities and logos
  • Website and app layouts and navigation
  • User interfaces and buttons
  • Typography
  • Marketing materials like flyers and brochures

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