What’s the Difference Between Agile and Unified Process Methodology?

Agile Methodology

Characteristics of Agile Methodology

Change is Embraced

The Results Can Vary

High-Quality and Faster Delivery

Continuous Improvement

Agile Development Cycle

  1. Planning — During this phase, a team comes together to break the idea down into smaller parts. Then, each feature will be prioritized and assigned to an iteration.
  2. Analysis — The software development team will meet with the target audience to identify their needs and requirements, and ascertain more on what it all entails
  3. Design — The team will consider what the possible blueprint should look like.
  4. Testing — The team will create and test the features of the product. They also check whether it meets the list of set requirements.

Unified Process Methodology

Characteristics of the Unified Process Methodology

Iterative and Incremental



Use-Case Driven

Phases of the Unified Process

  1. Inception — In this stage, your website and application development team describes the scope of the project. It goes on to establish special details about the project. Then, the team will decide whether to buy or develop it.
  2. Elaboration — The team has to capture all the system features in this phase and establish validation of the system design.
  3. Construction — The team has to design and find the source code of the project or application it has developed.
  4. Transition — The team will deliver the completed project to the end users and help them learn how to use it.

Key Takeaway



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